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Laptop Sync

Information is available in the TechCare manual.  Here are a few quick links for reference.

Laptop Syncing Instructions

Laptop Warnings

Using Laptops in Disconnected Mode


Release Deployed 11/17/2022

Key Changes include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Off Complex Status - Patients that are off complex (i.e. HSP) are now reflected in TechCare within their last known complex designation.
  2. Sick Calls - Allow user to select nursing protocol when completing an appointment and selecting nursing protocol for the reason
  3. Flags - Prevent MED Score Flag Removal (must add a new MED Score Flag to have the previous removed to ensure patient always has at least 1)
  4. PPDs - Don't default Expiration Date on PPDs and only require when Administered is selected, Fix Date Given changing the time when editing a TB Skin Test
  5. eMAR - Corrected display issue related to date/time, corrected inaccurate User Listed in Administration History Listing, Show dispense quantity and type with Order History
  6. Filtering - Deployed Housing Filter to Provider Queue, Nursing Queue, and Reports, corrected issue with Start and End date filter in Appointments 
  7. UM - Moved Offsites under Queues instead of Reports in Navigation Window

Current Known Issues

If you have an issue to report, please consider this list of known issues prior to submission and only submit if specifically requested to in the below listing.  Items not mentioned below should be submitted to or   

**Please see supplementary information attached to this article, to the right -> ***

  1. ACIS <-> TechCare Communication
    1. Appointments - Requirements gathering underway to determine scope of appointments to send to ACIS and on what schedule
    2. SMI & MH Score - No Known issues beyond #3 below (overall synchronization effort underway)
    3. Data Flow From TechCare to ACIS from Laptops and Temporary Patient Charts – Known issue with changes entered on offline laptops and changes on temporary patient IDs in the booking process are not properly transferring to ACIS. Data in TechCare remains accurate.
  2. SIG, Missed Medication Report from eMAR - Working with filtering and including PRN/KOP Meds being addressed, SIG Time Filtering.
  3. KOP Documentation - Known issues with efficient documentation of KOP.  Resolution being discussed as a priority. 
  4. Drug Refill Overrides - we are working to add additional options to the Refill override process other than lost/stolen cards and other. The additional option(s) can be used for refilling routine orders that are not included within Diamond's auto-fulfillment process.
  5. Housing Filters - Additional granularity and additions to multiple screens expected for release week of 11/7
  6. CGAR Performance Measure Reports - These reports are actively under development.  Completed reports can be found in the Reports within QA section.
  7. ASIIS Integration - Development is complete and in production. Documentation Pending.
  8. Medical Diets - Please add diets to TechCare (which will communicate to ACIS) and continue existing site procedures for diet communication.
  9. Insulin - Administration comments not displayed.  Working to resolve the display issue.

*If an issue was on this list previously, but is now removed, it has either been resolved or deemed non-critical.  If you see a critical issue presently that is not on this list, please report to*


  1. Problem: The ADCRR user cannot log into ADP to fill out their time-card
  2. Problem: The user completed their Med Pass / Pill Call / Watch Rounds etc in TechCare in disconnected mode, but we do not see it when we open TechCare web on another workstation
    • Solution: Ensure the laptop is returned to its designated syncing area. Once there, be certain it is 1) plugged into power 2) turned on and at a minimum on the logon screen 3) connected to the network either via its dock, hard-line connection, or wireless. Depending on how long the encounters took, it can be several minutes before the laptop is finished uploading to all connected sites and servers
  3. Problem: The user is logged into TechCare, but does not have permission to do [XYZ] which is a part of their duties
    • Solution: Email
  4. Question: How will the sites be checking in and verifying medications shipped to them from the pharmacy?
    • Answer: The focus for go live during this transition is getting the meds to the patients consistently at all facilities in the EHR in real time (many units or facilities were on paper). The eMAR and its administration types should be used to indicate any reason why that could not happen, eg. Pending Pharmacy Delivery. Diamond pharmacy sends patient specific meds regularly and accurately.  Within Queues -> Pharmacy Queue -> Floor Stock Orders is the ability to re-order stock par levels. Once state wide adoption of TechCare’s eMAR takes place, NaphCare will then be introducing more accurate, permanent and consistent check-in workflows to support the State’s Medication Inventory needs.
  5. Question: How do I access the historical chart from eOMIS?
    • Answer: From Techcare: 1. Load a patient 2. Select More Information 3. Select eOMIS 4. Enter the Username and Password displayed in the link
  6. Information: How is Telehealth Managed?
    • Answer: NaphCare has deployed Zoom and AmWell Platform.  Generally speaking, AmWell will be the preferred platform to support outside specialists (i.e. Urology) to conduct encounters, while NaphCare providers will primarily use Zoom.  Additional information has been sent to FHAs and DONs on this topic.  Should you need access to Zoom or AmWell, please email
  7. Question: Where is Microsoft Office on my Computer?
    • Answer: If you need office for your job function, please report the need to your FHA.
  8. Question: How are HNRs Managed?
    • Answer: On October 6th, the TechCare HNR system went live on JPay Tablets.  This provides direct integration between TechCare and the Patient experience eliminating the need for clinical staff to access the web-interface of JPay and manually transfer information.  Please see the document attached here for full details of the expected workflow.  
    • On October 7th, access to the previous HNR system was disabled.  Please work all HNRs from TechCare. NaphCare's Qual Care team will continue to work HNRs from the old system until all are added to TechCare. 
  9. Question: How do I scan to email?
    • Answer: NaphCare does not utilize Scan to Email.  We have setup network folders for each location and copiers are programmed to scan to those folders.  You may access the folders from your workstation desktop where we have placed a desktop shortcut.
  10. Question: Where is my scanner/Printer?
    • Answer: NaphCare is focused on getting shared use devices fully functional for scanning and printing access.  If you are in an area that does not have access to a devices (i.e. more than a 30 second walk), please send an email to and we will work to ensure access to a device
  11. Question: Should I complete the RAPID RECEIVING SCREENING on a patient who has been transferred to my facility from another ADCRR Complex?
    • Answer: No. The RAPID RECEIVING SCREENING triggers the full intake process in TechCare and should only be used for parole violators or patients coming to Phoenix and Perryville from a jail, a private prison or the free world as "new". For intra-facility Transfers, you should go to Queues -> Nurse's Queue and Select the Facility Moves tab
  12. Question: How do I access Trident Radiology Website to View Images
    • Answer: Form any patient's chart, select "more information" and you will see a link to access Trident's Website along with a username and password. 
  13. Question: How do I order Radiology and Ultrasound?
    1. Answer: Please use Radiology Order Management for this purpose.  **Entering speciality consults for US is no longer needed.** Simply click "start radiology order" from a patients main screen to order x-ray or US.
  14. Question: How do I print a Flag (SNO) in TechCare?
    • Answer: If you open a flag, right click and select print, you can set the print layout to landscape, it will show the SNO with the patient pic ID and demographics on the left hand side.
  15. Question: How do I Provide Diet Information?
    • Answer: Please utilize diets functionality in TechCare to order diets.  That information will transfer to ACIS for the diet team to review.  Also, please continue to use your facilities unique diet ordering process.
  16. Question: How do I Quickly Identify a Patient during Med Pass?
    • Answer:  Please make use of the eMAR Filters that allow exclusion of KOPs, PRNs, etc. to ensure your med pass lists are efficient.  Order By Housing is also an effective option to enable in your eMAR Filters as well as selection of SIG types.  Finally, patient ID scanning will alleviate the issue to manually search for patients in the filtered list.  Please see attachment for more information.
  17. Question: How do I see a history of the order including interface information exchange on Medications Orders?
    • Answer:  Click the name of the medication from the eMAR, at the bottom of the order, please select "View Order History."
  18. Question: How do I change a medication administration?
    • Answer: On the eMAR, click on the administration that needs to be changed.  You will receive the "Edit Administration" box.  Select the revised administration type. 

Additional Resources

  1. ADCRR's TechCare Sandbox here:
    • In the Sign-In dropdown, select ADCRR-TRAIN
    • Username: adcrr.user
    • Password: ADCRRNaphcareEHR
      • Note that the password is case sensitive
      • Note this website is only accessible from within the walls of an ADCRR facility
  2. ADCRR's TechCare User Manual here:
    • Username: arizona
    • Password: 1Naphcare1
      • Note that the password is case sensitive
      • Note this website is only accessible from within the walls of an ADCRR facility
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